Read About Disqus’ Data in the Market

An interview with Disqus CEO Daniel Ha on mining opinion in comments.

Our findings from studying comments related to Oscar nominated films.

A comparative analysis of the Disqus User Audience.

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Data Capabilities

Disqus is a powerful dataset with over 1 trillion data points collected each month

Our data services are flexible to meet any business need

  • Non-branded and branded categorical segments to help target a specific audience
  • Site targeting, device, and user retargeting available to drive performance
  • Proprietary supply network aimed to help drive low cost ROI 
  • Ability to create cross device profiles matching to people
  • Transparent reporting
  • Millions of emails collected monthly
  • Content recommendations based on user engagement and browsing history
  • Lookalike segments to help you find new prospective people similar to your existing audience
  • Semantic pattern and trend detection across hundreds of activity data points
  • Social listening through a real-time data feedback of UGC and user engagement activity
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